Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Long time, no blog!

I cannot believe it's been over a month since I've been on here! Life gets busy I suppose, and I've been in over my head lately! I still have a ton of stuff to do, but today is my day off and I intend to catch up on some of the things I want to do before I start on my have to do list. (Actually I hemmed three pair of pants that were have to do already today, so I suppose I am golden!)

What have I been working on this month? Some samples for the quilt shop, of course. One that I didn't get a picture of yet, but I think I'll get it at the shop. It's hanging in the window, looking very pretty. I am working on a sample which will also be a pattern. A very lovely yellow and blue basket quilt. It's been an experience trying to put into words the things I just know how to do without thinking. Trying to explain how to line up a square in a square block in words - plus the figuring out of all the math - setting triangles with sashings, getting it all to come out so it is easily understood by someone with little to no experience. What a challenge! Really gets the old brain cells to wake up.

I have also accumulated the 55 batik fat quarters for a quilt I want to make, so I couldn't wait to start on that! I have spent about 3 hours so far just cutting out the light pieces - still need to do the darks. My goal is to get this one done for the fair this year. For now it will be my Thursday quilting group project, as time gets closer I'm sure I'll have to step it up and work on it more, but at least I'm dedicating 3 hours a week to work on it for now.

I've really been pondering the idea of publishing patterns lately. I'm wondering if all the work involved is really a profitable endeavor. I suppose if you come up with something that's popular and sells well for a long time it could be worth it. I'm just dabbling right now, for my own benefit. I'm not sure where I really want to go in my quilting life. I've done some teaching this year, and enjoy that pretty well, but what I really like best is the creating. Not even necessarily creating something original, but the act of cutting and sewing and actually bringing to life the quilt. I do like the drafting and figuring and deciding on fabric stages also. I think that there is something I can do that will involve all these things that will also challenge me and keep me from the poorhouse! Because in the end, at this point, making some kind of a profit from this is also important to me. To this end I am listing some of my quilts on Etsy. So I hope to realize some profit from that. At least the price is right! And I'll make room in my house for more quilts! When I have time, I'll get some more quilts up, heaven knows I have plenty.

Housework is calling, so I'd better answer - lots to do and little time to do it all!

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