Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Fun sewing, and ideas for a new tv show!

I had a busy day yesterday, didn't get to do any quilting, but I got a lot of my other stuff done! So today I feel a lot less pressured and optomistic that I will eventually be caught up. I did go to an American Girls clothes making class and had fun. We made our girls a little flannel a-line skirt. Great fun! Forgot how much fun it is to make those fussy little things. Got a denim jacket all cut out and it will be hard to set it aside and forget about until next class. Maybe I'll make something else in the meantime and save that for class!

Got a box of sewing in the mail yesterday. Duvet cover and pillows. Fun! I enjoy doing those kinds of jobs - very straightforward, no hang-ups that require creative solutions, just sewing it together! Hopefully I can get it done and out next week. Makes me look good!

Stayed up to watch the Amazing Race last night. Wish I was brave enough to apply - I always think I could definitely win, seems like the teams always are making bad choices and I know I wouldn't (yeah, right!) Can you see it - me, bargaining with various people to give me their shirt, sari, etc. so I could make a memory quilt of my journey? The question is, who would I pick to go with me? Would have to me someone who could deal with heights and drive fearlessly! But I just had a terrible thought. If I were to go I wouldn't be able to do any quilting for several weeks. Maybe I could pack a very lightweight sewing machine and some Dear Jane Blocks and quilt during the pit stops - maybe that's why we haven't seen any quilters on this show. How about an all-quilters version and the participants would all have to do quilting related challenges? Then at the end, the team who finishes their quilt first wins the prize! Ok, I'm getting silly here, time to get busy with the day!

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