Thursday, January 26, 2006

Time Flies...

It's been a busy couple of weeks, but I got the memory quilt project finished, delivered and collected my pay for. Now I am concentrating on samples for the quilt shop. I finished this one last week. It was a very quick and easy project, and has been popular - sold lots of fabric so far with this one! I think it's prettier in real life, but most quilts are. I really enjoy doing a quick and easy project, especially after one of those tear your hair out projects. I am currently working on one of those. The instructions for the current project weren't the best, and it's a lot of picky work, but I do think it will be worth the effort in the end.

This is the very dark and forboding sky last week. We have had so much rain - it really makes me glad we live at the top of a nice , solid hill. There was a lot of wind and rain last night, and we are supposed to get more of the same today. A good day for sewing, but unfortunately I have other obligations, as much as I would like to stay home and have fun. Maybe tonight I can sew!

This is our Miss Cat. I caught her and her brother snug as can be sleeping in forbidden territory - my bedroom! Of course, they were being so cute that I got my camera to take some pictures before I kicked them out. I'm challenging myself to take more pictures now that I have the digital camera, so I suppose the cats better get used to me stalking them. I think she's a gorgeous kitty, and she definitely has the siameses temperament along with those looks. She's quite the huntress, always stalking small scraps of paper and snips of fabric. She has beautiful blue eyes and a very comical half of a tail ending in a lightening bolt zig-zag. She can be quite a nuisance at times - she loves to help my type on the keyboard, and if she gets a chance will sit on the most current quilting project on my table. Her name is Missy, but she gets called lots of other things like prissy - my favorite is Miss Cat.

Enough blabber, got to get ready for my day, and hopefully to get some sewing done tonight!

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