Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Rain, rain go away!

Well, it's another downpour here today. A good day to stay inside and quilt! I made a lot of progress on the memory quilts over the weekend. I actually have four of them ready for quilting, and most of the fifth is cut out. I will be so glad to get this project over with. It's been over a year and has caused me a lot of guilt for not getting going on it earlier. I am just stitching these in the ditch. Not fun as the sweaters are rather thick and bulky. Not my best work, but for the materials I had to work with they are all right. Hey, adding a picture is not that hard! The worst part is remembering where I put it on the computer! Really need to organize those files and folder, too.

I finished the storm at sea paper piecing also, and now I need to figure out how to get the pictures to go where I want them to. Oh, well. It took me a while to fix those 6 little mistakes, but I am very glad to have it done now. I plan on hand quilting it and entering it in the local guild show this year.
Off to the sewing room to do some more on the memory quilts. The goal of today is to quilt two of them and piece the fifth. I would love to have these all done by the end of the week, but I have to work a couple days and teach a bible study, so I may not get that far, but I have made great progress.

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