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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Two quilt tops and a pouch

I've really enjoyed reading all the comments on yesterday's post!  I am really loving hearing about what everyone's favorite blocks are.  I feel like the old classics like Ohio Star and Churn Dash are still good solid blocks that many people enjoy making even now.  I don't think they will ever go out of style!

I had an enjoyable afternoon yesterday as my youngest daughter came to visit!  She brought over her new shipment of Young Living oils and I decided she needed a pouch to put them in.  I found an easy tutorial on Patchwork Posse.  I dumped out my scrap bin, had her choose a few fabrics and got to work!

It was fun seeing the fabrics she chose, she's definitely not a little girl any more - her picks were a lot different that what she would have chosen before she left home for college!  It was also fun because she brought a friend home with her and she was really interested in learning about quilting.  I gave her some of my scraps to start her own fabric stash with, and I had fun visiting with her while I sewed!

I was a little frustrated while making this because my thread started breaking, then my tension went crazy loose.  I got through finishing the pouch, and after making a couple of scrunchies for her friend, I shut it down for the night.  First thing this morning I took the time to thoroughly clean and oil my Juki and she was much happier after that!  I got a lot of sewing done this afternoon.  I have two quilt tops all ready to quilt, just have to go pick up some muslin for the backing.

I love the way the vintage embroidery quilt looks with the blue border!  This one is going to be quilted with a double layer of batting, wool on top of a cotton batting.  Can't wait to see how it comes out!

The second one is Cat's Fancy - I made this last year, but had a request to make a second one.  This was a kit I purchased.  

I'm ready to do some quilting, so am excited to get started on these!  After they are done, I have more projects lined up, so am happy to be on a roll, and that my machine is working well.  Now, I've got to figure out an easy table runner pattern for a project I need to finish this week.  Always something, I never seem to get caught up, but at least it's quilting so it's fun!  

Linking up with Connie for Linky Tuesday - lots of inspiration there to check out!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cat's Fancy!

This project arrived in the mail yesterday.

I'm excited to start working on it, but have to put off my enthusiasm and finish the other projects that are waiting first.  Have you seen this meme on facebook yet?  I got a good giggle out of it!

In fairness, I do finish a good amount of projects, but there is nothing like the thrill of starting a new one.  I suppose that in this respect I will always be a beginning quilter.  I love the possibilities of starting a new project.  The anticipation of seeing how the fabrics will all blend together and make something that is greater than the sum of the parts, learning something new, or just the comforting pleasure of chain sewing a ton of half square triangles and watching a new show on Amazon Prime while I create.  Total bliss!

Sewing will have to wait till later, for now I am off to Threads That Bind to work.  Another form of bliss, playing with fabric and helping people choose fabrics and projects.  Yay!  Take a few minutes before you get busy to check out today's posts for the Trains, Planes, and Automobiles blog hop:

I think I would like to work on one of Adele's improv projects!  And Maria has several fun projects on her post - plus both are featuring giveaways, so don't miss your opportunity to win a prize!

Have a wonderful day whether you are beginning a project or finishing one.  Drop me a comment and tell me what the last project you started was and I'll share it on my blog this weekend - it will be fun to see what everyone is working on!