Thursday, September 21, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 47, Grand Canyon - Arizona Block

 The Arizona block is another one with a lot of small pieces!  It's really not that hard though, just a lot of sewing, even in this smaller block!

You'll be making lots of half square triangles for sure!

It didn't look like a very nice way as we drove to the Grand Canyon.  We were hoping that the skies would clear up by the time we arrived.

It was nice to drive through trees!  We got to the park, and tried to figure out where to park, then where to go to see the Canyon!  This is a huge place, with shuttles, and was the most crowded place we went to on the whole trip!

It was pretty foggy, but we did get some nice views here and there.

When the fog lifted, you could see how vast it is!

The beauty of it is really unique!

The colors are beautiful, too!

So amazing!

Keep a good hold on your phone!

We hike the rim for a bit.

But eventually the fog descended again, and we decided to move on. 

The sun decided to come out as we drove toward Kingman.

We were happy to see the sun again!

Tomorrow we would head to Nevada, and more familiar territory!  

The tiny three inch version!

The six inch block.

The nine inch block!  Love that I could fussy cut the middle square!  I promise, next week's blocks won't have as many pieces!

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