Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 45, Gallup NM - New Mexico Block

I really like this New Mexico block.  Now, it is a bit tricky to sew, but it really makes the block!  And it did come out nicely, even in the 3 inch size.  

Don't be afraid to try it - you may love it as much as I do!

Today was just a driving day - 370 miles, and we stayed in New Mexico!  

Our drive took us through Roswell, so I kept my eye out for something to take a picture of!  I wasn't disappointed, but it did end up a bit blurry.

Long stretches of road ahead.

There were interesting sights to keep us looking around.

Mountains in the distance.

Rocky hillsides!

Isn't that a pretty view?

Very nice views!  I enjoyed the landscape along the road we traveled!

It was a good day's drive.  We'll be doing some fun sightseeing for the next few days, so looking forward to more new things!

The three inch block.  Those tiny triangles are tricky to cut and sew, but the result is worth it!

The six inch version was a little easier to manage.

And the nine inch block wasn't that bad at all!  I hope you enjoy the challenge and tackle this tricky block!

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