Friday, September 08, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 34, South Carolina - Maryland Block

Just when I was getting close to caught up, we are heading out on the road again!  Today's block is the Maryland Block.

Not many pieces in this one!  

The Roanoke hotel was one of the prettiest we stayed in.  This cute statue was on the lower floor near the lobby.

Today's drive took us through the Carolinas, heading south toward Florida.  

Rocky hillsides!  

We got caught in a couple downpours on today's drive!

Sometimes the best views are on the wrong side of the truck!

A pretty lake by the side of the highway in North Carolina.

And then it was time to visit South Carolina!

Nope we weren't in Georgia yet, but we saw a Giant Peach! 

 We were ready to stop when we got to Greenville.  One more day of driving, then we get to spend the weekend with my brother in Florida!  

This one went together in a flash!  3 inches.

Here's the six inch block.

The nine inch block.  More suitcases!  This was a nice big piece to show off the fabric.  This is another block where you will have leftover pieces.  You may be able to use them later.

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