Saturday, August 26, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 21 - Tullahoma, Two by Two Block

Today's block is two by two.  This is a super easy and quick block - and we are making it even easier by strip piecing it. 

This is the day we spent driving to visit my sister, brother in law, and mom in their new home in Tullahoma!  Siri took us on a bit of a frustrating drive there, but it was pretty!


It was nice to see the home where my sister, brother-in-law and mom moved to.  We found a furry visitor on their deck!  I've never seen a blond one before! We had a nice lunch together and got to talk for a while.

A picture of us girls!  Joellen couldn't come, but Jovi wanted to, so it was fun to spend the day with her.  She's such a sweet girl.

Jovi took a nice pucture of all of the adults!  Good work, girlie!

And the guys!  Perry is wearing one of his new shirts!  

Back at Joellen's house, I forgot to get a picture of me with the boys, but Perry got one.  They are getting so big!  They are both teen-agers now!

We had such a nice visit with family on this stop.  It was almost a little sad to be moving on, but we had more visiting coming up, so could look forward to that.  We still weren't able to get the shirts from El Reno mailed but haven't given up yet!

3 inch block.

6 inch block

And 9 inch block.  I took some extra care to cut the stripe in this design just right!  You'll see how this block relates to the trip in tomorrow's post!  We'll be starting week 4, so the next week's patterns will be available as well!  We'll be heading northeast next week, destination Massachusetts!

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Pam Dempsey said...

I like the block but don’t know where to find the pattern. Looks like a great time and trip 🥰