Thursday, August 17, 2023

Road Trip Quilt Along Day 12 - Fort Smith Arkansas, Arkansas Crossroads block

Today's block is Arkansas Crossroads.  It is similar to a block we made earlier this week - it's the placement of color that makes it different!  

We enjoyed our stay in El Reno, but now it was time to get on the road again!

Today's travel took us almost directly east to Fort Smith, Arkansas.  The highway was pretty busy, but I tried to get some pictures of Oklahoma City as we drove through.

I love seeing the city skylines with the big buildings!  

We ran into some rain as we traveled.

Crossing the Arkansas river.  Almost to Fort Smith!

This beautiful church in the middle of Fort Smith.  We were interested in exploring this area, which is where my husband's great grandfather lived.  We had some detective work ahead to find out where his house was, and we had another spot we wanted to visit, so we knew it would be a good visit!

Three inch block.

Six inch block.

And the 9 inch block

Nice and easy with just a pair of half square triangles.

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