Monday, May 01, 2023

UFO Progress

Happy May Day!

I thought I would throw out a post about my UFO progress this year!  I actually have finished so many of my UFOs over the past few years that I don't have a ton of them to deal with, but it seems like they are mostly large quilts!  So, this year I made my list with the idea in my mind that I would not realistically be able to finish all my quilts, but that I would definitely strive to make progress on each one.  In January, I worked on my Queen size version of Memories of the Titanic.  I added the final border to it and got it basted.  I even started the quilting in April!  

I think I'll be able to cross this off the list before the end of the year!  My February project was my Farmer's Wife Christmas quilt.   I have all the blocks finished and made a plan for the finished quilt.  I bought sashing fabric and found a cornerstone fabric in my stash.  I started sewing sashing and cornerstone units to the blocks to make it easier to sew together, then in April I finished that process and brought the blocks to the guild sew day in April and got them laid out, plus started assembling them!  I hope to finish that this month and have a finished top at least.  This is another queen size quilt, but am hoping to get it done this year as well.

In March, my Chilhowie quilt (Bonnie Hunter Mystery) came up for a finish!  Good timing for this one, as it wasn't quite as big, plus I was still pretty excited to have finished the top so quickly!  It took no time at all to piece the back and quilt it for my first UFO completion of the year!  Yahoo!

April was another queen size quilt - the One Block Wonder I started last year.  This was another project I worked on at the guild sew day.  It was nice to have a large floor area to lay it out on!  I was encouraged by my friends, who thought it was beautiful, so that was nice.  I had enough energy to actually get the top sewn together at home and add borders.  So this one is now a top, and I have batting and a back for it, so I hope to make some time to baste it in May.  I would love to have this one finished by summer!

I was really happy with how this came together!  It was not as hard to lay it out as i thought it would be!

It was hard to get a good picture of it, but am so thrilled with how it's looking!  It's going to be perfect on my bed this summer - at least that's the plan!  

I just checked and the number for May is 8, which means I will be adding my Socialites 2 quilt to the list of projects.  Good timing as the blocks were just finished a couple of weeks ago.  I did decide against making the published layout - since I made 9 inch blocks I don't think I want to make a quilt that finishes at 99 x 99!  I found a different layout to use that will finish at 63 square.  Since it's still at the top of my mind it shouldn't be too hard to get this one finished this month for sure.

I feel like I am making some good progress on these big projects!  Pretty sure I'll still carry some over into next year, but progress is happening and that's my goal!  

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