Thursday, March 31, 2022

Baby Puff Quilt

 Several years ago I quilted a special quilt that I called Puff Reborn,  It began with an old baby quilt that ended up inside of a new quilt featuring the same design - quite and interesting project, and you can see more of the story in this post.  It turns out that the owner of the original quilt just had a baby and her grandfather decided she needs her own dragon quilt, so I got to quilt Baby Puff!

This quilt is only 36 x 43 so was easy to finish.  I just stitched around the applique and did swirls in the background.  I used green thread on the bottom half and aqua on the top half and it came out great!

Isn't the dragon cute?  It was fun to make this quilt for the next generation - I hope she loves it like her mom loves her Puff!  

I thnk this wraps up my projects for March, it really was a very productive month!  April looks to be a busy month, so we'll see what I get done - our Islalnd Batik challenge for April is not a quilt, but it will be fun...just saying!


Sumac said...

Cute quilt! Now I've got an earwig!

Quilting Gail said...

Yes, you've had a super productive month!!
Puff is a very cute quilt! And, the quilting is wonderful!

Susan said...

Baby Puff is cute.