Saturday, February 05, 2022

Farmers Wife Finish for February?

 The UFO Challenge number for February was 12, which is my Farmers Wife Quilt.  I worked on it a bit last year, but still was only around halfway finished with the blocks.  When I first saw this number announced I felt like no way could I finish this in a month.  Then I started thinking that I managed to finish a quilt with 110 trees, then made 120 blocks for my Colorado Memories quilt.  Surely I can finish 55 blocks for this quilt in a month.  

Plus, my Island Batik Challenge is already finished for this month, so what else do I have to do?  

One wrinkle in my plan is that I have misplaced the CD with the templates for the blocks.  No worries, I just sat down with EQ8 and drafted out the blocks that I need them for.  Like this beauty!  I haven't done Y-seams in a while, so it's good to sharpen up those skills!

I was surprised at how well this came out with those odd shaped pieces!

Love this one!  

Cutting the squares for this one was tricky, but it also came together well.  I counted out how many blocks I had left to make at the end of the day, and it's 43.  If I make 4 a day all the blocks will be done, and I'll have two weeks to put the top together and bind.  I think I can do it!  At least if I can get the top done it will be a big win, and I'll be happy with my progress.  Let's see if I can move this project out of the bin and into a quilt.


Susan said...

Pretty blocks.

Quilting Gail said...

You can do it, Pamela!!!!
It's going to be a pretty quilt!
Happy Quilting! :-)