Saturday, December 11, 2021

Beautiful Back!

 I'm working on getting custom orders finished up this week, and just have to share this quilt with you!

This quilt top was brought to me for quilting and binding.  I was worried that the light thread was going to look awful on the back, which is a silky feeling solid black fabric, but I absolutely love how this one came out!

I'm on a roll with the hook swirl right now, it just adds a special something to the quilt, if you know what I mean.  For this quilt I used Aurifil 50 weight thread, and it quilted up great.  I had a few breaks (they usually happen when the bobbin is getting low, or when I'm going over a lot of layers), but it was just mostly easy quilting, which makes me very happy!

That silky fabric slid nicely, and as you can see, no puckers!  I usually go with the "busy back" to hide any imperfections, so I'm really glad that this looks so wonderful.  It did take me about a week to work up the nerve to quilt it after I got it basted - and ended up changing my mind about how I was going to quilt it, and I'm sure glad I did.

The binding is the same black with gold dots that is used on the front.  I almost always machine stitch my binding to the back of the quilt first - I use 2 inch strips because that works perfectly with the foot on my Juki.

Then I turn the binding to the front and top-stitch on the edge.  This makes a fast binding that looks great and is very durable, too!

You can see more about my binding technique on the blog post below:

This quilt will make a very special gift for someone, and I'm glad the quilting enhances it so nicely!

Today I am planning as a piecing day, so I'm looking forward to that - I'm trying to be careful not to stack up too much machine quilting back to back because it does tend to make my neck and back a little achy if I don't.  Oh, and I am planning on making some fudge as well, yumm!  

What are you doing today?  Hope it's a happy day for you, and you get to do something you love, too!

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