Sunday, October 10, 2021

Busy times, celebrations, and sewing projects!

The last couple weeks have been busy - lots of sewing, special times with family, and trying to get our fall projects wrapped up!  Sweet Juliette turned one on Saturday, so we had a great celebration - we spent the morning at a local animal park, since the theme of her birthday was Wild One.

Juliette loved the animals, and just hanging out with her aunts and cousins, and Grandma and Grandpa, of course :)

She loved the cake, just dug right into it!  The adults got cupcakes, and the whole party was outdoors, the weather was absolutely perfect for it.

I was given a giraffe headband to wear - so funny!

Here is a procrastination project that I finally got finished!  My oldest grandson has been asking me to make him a spiderman mask for years and it was just too intimidating for me to get my head around.  Since they moved away this year, he turned 13, and still wants the mask I decided to go for it and just see how it would come out.  I'm impressed, and it really wasn't that hard thanks to the several youtube videos I watched!  I just hope it fits him!  

I also made a Anne of Green Gables inspired dress for his sister last week.  It arrived a few days ago and she loves it, so that was fun - I've kind of missed these kind of projects and I love being asked to make things by the grandkids.  

I got this sample quilt finished for the quilt shop.  This is my Lovers Kiss pattern - I made it using the option of fat quarters with a solid yardage border.  I'm working on a tip sheet for using directional fabric that I can include with the pattern.  I love using directional prints, but sometimes they require a little extra thought depending on the pattern you choose.  This one is so cute, it's got bicycles and pumpkins!

Here's one more cute picture of Juliette with her new Minnie Mouse.  Hope your fall is off to a good start, too!  Hopefully I'll be back to writing a little more regularly now that things are settling down and I'll get back to work on some projects to share with you!


Pamela Arbour said...

I am really impressed with that Spiderman mask. Way out of my league! Love that dress and quilt too.

Kathleen said...

SO many wonderful things! Love the giraffe headband and the little dress, not to mention that beautiful quilt.