Sunday, September 05, 2021

Monday Musings - Perseverance

 Not entirely quilting related, but don't worry, this topic definitely ties in!  You have also probably had one of those projects that just refused to come together no matter what you did.  At some point it is always tempting to just give up and either quit altogether, or hand the project off to someone else.  Or, you can give it another try and see what happens!  This project has required a bit of perseverance for sure -  the Switchback Bag by Patterns by Annie that I am making for the September Island Batik Ambassador challenge has definitely been testing me!  

But connecting the water to our new refrigerator has really been the test for me! I even tried to hand the project off to a professional, but then the project got handed right back to me!  I was absolutely at the end of what I thought I was capable of.  I resigned myself to paying a plumber to add a proper valve to the water supply so we can finally enjoy the ice and water from the refrigerator.  Truthfully, I was relieved to think that someone else could take of it, and looked forward to the appointment.  To my surprise and dismay, when the plumber saw the situation he told me that it would be a very simple matter for me to finish the job on my own.  He marked the pipe, provided me with a written list of the parts needed, and even gave me a small piece of pipe that I would need at no charge.  All I had to do was trust in my ability to take the needed steps, and he assured me that if I needed him, he would come back and rescue me.

So off I went to the plumbing supply store.  I was pretty nervous to try it, because the frustration of all the prior problems made it seem like I would not be successful.  But, as they say - nothing ventured, nothing gained, and so I began.  It was pretty scary to cut the copper pipe, but adding the valve was really a piece of cake, and when the water was turned on, it all worked perfectly!

So, what does this have to do with quilting? I just want to to encourage you to seek out helpful advice, and try again!  There are lots of places to get information on the technique that you are struggling with.  Video tutorials abound on the internet.  Google is a good source of information.  Go visit your local quilt shop, they can often help with information and recommend products.  

I'm persevering on this project - almost ready to figure out a border for it!  I have something in mind, just need to work out the details.  And finish appliqueing down the edges, just a few more and I'll be done - time to go do some research and nail down the border I want to finish it with and figure out how to accomplish it!  

I promise I'll be blogging more regularly in September - I have lots of projects in progress to share!  

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Shirley said...

Great skill to add to your repertoire, "Plumber"! You are the Webster dictionary definition of "Perseverance". CONGRATULATIONS!!! Looking forward to that border treatment...