Thursday, July 01, 2021

Spreading Love and Joy with Island Batik and Accuquilt

 This month's challenge for the Island Batik Ambassadors was to design a quilt using the AccuQuilt die provided for us, to combine it with blocks made with the 8 inch finished Qube set and to gift it to someone, spreading love and joy with a finished quilt.  The materials I used in my project were all provided to me by Island Batik, AccuQuilt, Schmetz needles, Aurifil thread, and Hobbs batting.

The die I received for this challenge was the 8 inch Block On Board Maple Leaf.  Great block, and it is terrific having the die for this size because it is a nine patch block, which is hard to make in an 8 inch size!  

While I was figuring out what fabric to use for the quilt, I checked out the instructions and was delighted to find that I could use the Stash Builder rolls from Island Batik to make this block!  I had lots of brown and yellow strips that were perfect for a fall looking quilt - so I was off and running with starting to design.

I got out my Go Qube book that was included with the Ready Set Go! cutting system and EQ8 and started playing.  I chose the Peace and Plenty Block, Four Patch Variation, and Pinwheel star and designed this fun quilt:

Choosing fabric was fun - unrolling those Stash Builder bundles is like unwrapping little presents!  So many fun choices!

Time to start sewing! I started out by choosing strips to use for the Maple Leaf blocks.  I used two strips each of several different fabrics, sub cutting them into the needed sizes and cutting the blocks out.  I used solid white for the background to make this quilt extra light and bright!

With the block on board dies, you cut out all the pieces for your block in one cut.  It didn't take long for me to get all eight blocks cut out and ready for sewing.

So fun to have stacks of pieces all cut out accurately and ready to assemble!

I started with the stem, eager to see how well the pieces would sew together.  They went together very easily and looked great!  

Time to get really serious and sew up all the rest of the units!

I chose a 50 wt neutral from the spools I received in my January box, and used a Schmetz Professional Chrome 10 needle for the piecing.  I love these needles because they are the only size 10 that work with my needle threader on my machine!  They are wonderful for piecing because they make a nice fine seam, especially when paired with Aurifil thread.

When I got these blocks done I made my Four Patch variation blocks.  These were cut with the square on point.  These were cut with the 4 inch square, 2 inch triangle, and four inch square on point dies (1,5 and 6) from the Qube set.  They can all be cut from the Stash Builder 5 inch strips as well!

Next up were the Pinwheel Star Blocks.  I chose a bright red and orange to brighten up my design.  

The next step was the flying geese to make the pinwheels into stars.  The quarter square triangles are the only unit that couldn't be cut from 5 inch strips, but I was using the white background for these, so no problem!

The final Peace and Plenty Blocks also had quarter square triangles, so I ended up digging in my stash for some colors for those blocks.  I found some nice browns and golds to add some spice to my quilt along with mors sunny yellow.

I decided to add a small border by using two more of the stashbuilder strips in a soft brown. Time for quilting!  I used Hobbs heirloom natural cotton with scrim for the batting - so nice and soft!!

I quilted it in a swirling design with 50 weight Aurifil Peach, which blended nicely with the yellows and browns.  For the needle I switched to a Microtex Chrome in a size 80/12

Binding went quickly, and I almost made it using four strips cut from the Stash Builder Rolls!

Luckily I found a leftover piece of binding from another project that matched closely enough to not be noticable!  Here's the finished quilt!

I added a quick label:

Then I presented it to my daughter and son-in-law as a housewarming present, since they are due to close on their first home next week!  I hope their home is always filled with love and joy, plus peace and plenty!

I want to thank Island Batik, Accuquilt, Aurifil Thread, Schmetz Needles, and Hobbs Batting for making this project possible.


Shirley said...

So informative and a learning experience, as you showed us every step and decision creating this GORGEOUS creative piece. So in awe of your talent and skills.

teachpany said...

Great design! Congratulations to your daughter and SIL.

Jennifer Schifano Thomas said...

Beautiful design and quilt in those golds and browns! They look happy with their new quilt for their new home! Have a fabulous day.

Kathleen said...

I love what you did with this challenge. Its a beautiful quilt and what a lovely welcome home present!