Friday, July 16, 2021

Sewcialites QAL is finished!

 My fun sewing project this week has been working on my Sewcialites QAL (Quilt Along) Quilt.  When we heard that the Coos County Fair was for sure a go and that there would be a needle work exhibit I couldn't help myself and decided to finish up my quilt to enter!  

I had two blocks to finish up, so I got those done, then laid them all out on my ironing board to admire - what cute little gems!  This was a super fun quilt along - one block a week was a nice pace, and I really loved the different designs.  The fabric I used was a stack of 10 inch squares from Island Batik - Just My Type by Tamarinis.


I love the lay out that was published for the quilt, so just followed that.  After laying out all the blocks I shifted a few around because I didn't want the same fabric right next to each other.  Then I started sewing my rows, chain stitching them to keep it all organized.

I thought this was the last seam, so thought it was pretty cool that I finished up this cone of Aurifil thread, but then I realized I had one more seam to go - so I got to start a new spool of white after all!  

Borders were added and now it's time to get it basted and do some quilting. Deciding on the batting was hard!  I had some silk batting from Hobbs, which is really nice in mini quilts.  I also had a cotton-wool blend, though, which I thought would work well for a smaller quilt.  In the end I decided to work with the cotton-wool blend, and it was wonderful to work with.

I decided that cross-hatch quilting would be perfect for this little quilt and got to work, I'm glad this quilt is not very big because all that straight line quilting takes a while to do!  Two full bobbins later, the last line was stitched and I got the quilt squared and trimmed - I love the texture!

I was torn between using dark blue, lime green or turquoise for the binding.  I forgot to get a picture, but I ended up choosing the dark blue!  It's now off for a week at the fair, and I hope I get a nice ribbon for it!  Either way, I'm delighted with it and can't wait to find a place to hang it in my sewing room!

Now that I've finished this project, what's next?  I do have a couple of shop samples in the works, so I might work on those this weekend, or maybe catch up on some UFO's.  I am behind on my Quilting PHD in 2021, so I think it might be time to assess what I should be doing with that.  I haven't made any blocks for the Farmer's Wife quilt in over a month, so I may work on those a bit, too.  Never a dull moment around here!

Hope you have a quilty weekend, too!

What's next now that I've finished this project

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Turid said...

This is beautiful. I fell back at block 30, and since then I've not been at home sewing. So it have to be on my program later this year.