Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Tuesday to do list!

 I usually like to make a list for the week ahead on Monday, but yesterday just got away from me.  Last week was a super busy week, my Women's Ministry team was finally able to hold our annual retreat.  Instead of a 3 day event, we packed it all into one day and had a wonderful time!  

Of course, I brought some quilts to help decorate!  Now that the event is finished it's time to focus on seeing if I can get some projects finished this week.  I knocked some of the alteration list off my list yesterday and hope to finish those today.

Flying Geese Blocks in Progress
I also finished the 164 flying geese I needed to make for the 41 star blocks of my OMG for this month.  So I now have 81 blocks to sew together for the center of the top.  Will I get this done by Friday?  I'm not sure!  It took me a total of 7 hours to make all of the star blocks, so I added that to my tally for a total of 13 hours so far on this top.  I still have to sew the blocks, add 3 solid borders and one pieced border (more flying geese units to be made.)  I don't think the top will take quite as long as I thought it would, but there is still a ways to go before I finish.

I'd also like to get this Super Saturday Sampler quilted by Friday - this is the quilt I ended up doing as my UFO challenge for this month.  I did manage to get the top together, but it would be nice to get totally done with this and have a quilt finish for the month.  

And last, but definitely not least it's time to get ready for the May blog hop for Island Batik!  This is your chance to get a sneak peek at the new Winter lines that are headed for your local quilt shop now. I encourage you to follow along and if you see anything you like, be sure to request it from your local quilt shop.  In fact, if your local shop isn't carrying Island Batik, you should definitely let them know you would like them to start!  As a quilt shop employee, I can say that your input is definitely helpful when it comes to ordering fabric.  Your shop really wants to carry the fabrics that you are interested in purchasing for sure!!  My post will be up next week, and I think you will love the fabric I have to show you, but you'll have to wait a bit to see what I'm working on because I like for it to be a surprise :)

I hope you have a lovely week and that your to-do list gets done - happy sewing!!!

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Shirley said...

Do you have "whirling dervish" in your DNA? You are amazingly organized and not easily distracted.... Keep on spinning!!