Sunday, December 13, 2020

Column 7 Quilting

 My goal for this afternoon was to quilt one column and four triangles - and it happened, isn't that great?!

These are all just stitched in the ditch with free motion.  I really like how that makes the applique pop up!
For the next three there was some fancy stitching which was fun to do in a small scale, and curvy outlining with some melons added to the center of the star.  With all the applique melons, of couse I'll be adding plenty of quilted ones as well!
More curved outlining, stitch in the ditch and then curvy outlining with some straight lines in the bottom one.  I think I need to come back and outline those tiny triangle appliques.
This one I am not sure if I am super happy with.  The piecing was perfectly straight, but it looks wonky after quilting.  This was the second one I did and I don't think I was as careful about keeping the block straight as I stitched it.  I might take it out and restitch it later.
More melons, outlining and echoing, and I think that top one needs a little more.  We'll see as I go.
Outlining on the triangle.  Not sure if I'll stick with that or add more later.  
And the final two triangles I did with outlining.  I also tried some straight line stitching in the triangles.  I like them!  I might add more lines, later.  I'm happy just experimenting my way through the quilt and making decisions as I go.  The quilting is super fun, the blocks are so small it doesn't take long to do each one, which makes me very happy!  It's so exciting to be at this stage of this project that I'm absolutely falling in love with it all over again - and that is the joy of working on a project that you can pour your heart and soul into.  It's bittersweet knowing it will be done sone, but fear not, I'm already planning my next big finish - I've got plenty calling my name!  

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Kathleen said...

You are moving along nicely. I think I would wait and see how much that one block bothers me at the end...I sometimes feel entirely different about it then!