Saturday, October 31, 2020

Stepping Stones Sampler - Time to assemble your quilt top!

 I feel like this is always one of the best parts of making a quilt, putting all the blocks and sashing together to make a complete top!  You should have 25 completed blocks that are trimmed and squared up, forty 3 1/2 inch wide sashing units, and sixteen 3 1/2 inch cornerstones.  

I think it's easier to assemble a large top like this in rows, so that's how my instructions are written.  We'll start with the blocks first, starting with the top row.  Press all seams toward the sashing strips.

Sew blocks in order, with a sashing strip in between each of the blocks.  Note that the second and fourth blocks need to be turned in the proper direction.  

Row 2 is next.  Once again, pay attention to how the blocks are oriented.  Thes squares on point and the four patch blocks form a chain that goes around the center of the quilt.

The center row is easy with no directional blocks to worry about!

Row four - once again, watch those squares and four patches!

And Row 5, just those on point squares to get pointed in the right direction and you are good to go.  Now make four rows of sashing and cornerstones, pressing the seams toward the sashing strips.

Sew one sashing strip unit to the bottom of each of the first 4 rows, matching seams – pinning will help you keep your seams even. Press seams toward sashing unit. (pressing as you go will make your quilt go together easier, so take the time to do this step!)

Sew all five rows together, double checking order as you go! It's easy to get rows mixed up, so it always pays to double check.

Your finished top shouldlook like this.  Next month we'll finish it up by adding borders. 

Hope you are having fun!  I'd love to see your color choices and progress, so feel free to share - use the hashtag #steppingstonesquiltalong and #pamelaquilts on instagram so we can find them easily.  I'm resisting the temptation to start a new version, but will be sharing pictures of the four I've made so far as we go!

 Thanks for quilting along with me!

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Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

Thank you so much for sharing your talent and patterns with us. This quilt is in my colors! Love it!!

Susan said...

Thank you for this next step. I am not at that stage yet. My sewing machine quit working after winding a new bobbin. Have to set up an appointment to take it in to get looked at and hopefully fixed. It is an old machine. It is a 46-year-old Kenmore.