Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Sky full of smoke

 We were looking forward to a couple days of nice 85 degree weather.  We didn't realize that this weather pattern would bring in the smoke from wildfires many miles away!

This picture was taken late afternoon, when our house is normally flooded with light.  I had to turn on the lamp to read!  My cat was very it suppertime?  The smell of smoke is very strong and you can see ash falling.  There is a small fire about 30 miles away, but it did have us a little concerned last night.  My hubby watered our yard well, and I packed a bag to get ready to leave if needed.  

We are still here this morning, and no immediate danger from fire exists.  Time to go about another day and see what happens!

Don't forget the It's In the Bag Blog Hop!  Lots of great bags, I want to make them all!  Prizes!  And a look at the gorgeous spring fabrics from Island Batik!  Here's the hop schedule for week 1:

September 8:

September 9:

September 10:

September 11:

Blog Hop Round-Up Week 1 and Giveaway

It will make you want to try some 3D sewing for sure!

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Rosemary said...

Tuesday morning I woke up to winds, a red sky, the smell of smoke and ashes falling ... Lights on most of the day, a bag packed and ready to go ... Garage door open in case the power went out .... such crazy times!! We're still here as well, the fires are still raging and the winds are continuing to blow the ashes our way. We live in the forest and the ocean is a mile away. We're still safe but cannot breath if we go outside ... this too shall pass. Thanks for sharing your joy, your quilts and your heart ...