Thursday, July 02, 2020

June Progress and July Goals (PHD in 2020

I was still surprisingly productive even while working on June Mini Madness this month!  I finished two custom quilts - the first one was a quilt made from baby clothes:

The second was made from embroidered blocks that were never finished into a quilt, his wife commisioned me to make a quilt for a birthday surprise:
I finished two quilts for the Sewing Sunshing Blog hop - CityScapes
And Daisy Garland:
I completed one June Mini Madness Quilt:
Another top (still needs borders) in 3 inch blocks
And one in 6 inch blocks:
Plus started working on a new shop sample:
And finally I finished my UFO challenge and OMG - 2019 Color Challenge by Patterns by Jen:
As for July...of course there is the Island Batik Christmas in July challenge to work on.  I'm going to get that shop sample quilted and hopefully the two Mini Madness quilts.  In addition, I will be working on my UFO challenge for the month which is Queen's Garden.  I'll be making a quilt plus writing a pattern.
Should be fun!
I'm looking forward to playing with these lovely, summery fabrics!  Fairy Frosts, Hydrangeas, and even some Eiffel towers.  It will be lovely!  This will be my One Monthly goal for July.

I'm excited that I'm making such good progress toward my PHD in 2020!  

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Leanne Parsons said...

Oh, my goodness, you have been so productive! Everything looks amazing. How sweet of that husband to commission you to finish the quilt as a birthday surprise :) Thanks for linking to TGIFF this week!

dq said...

You did so so much and most have spent much time in the sewing room!

3 inch blocks and 6 onch blocks are so tiny.

Kathleen said...

You got a lot done! I am feeling like a sloth in comparison. Congratulations on all your beautiful finishes.

Patty said...

Enjoy! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

Susie H said...

That color challenge sampler quilt is gorgeous. The black & white checkerboard sashings & borders really set it off perfectly! You've set some pretty high goals for July ... GOOD LUCK!

Kate said...

Lots of progress on several projects. Congrats on the PHD finishes. Good luck with your July plans.