Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Custom Sewing machine cover

A friend asked me to make her a custom sewing machine cover.  This was modeled after a cover that a mutual friend of ours had made previously.  It's basically just a flat piece with ties that covers the machine, so very easy to make.  

All you need is the dimesions from top to bottom  and side to side for your machine, and the depth.  Her machine was 14 1/2 tall, 15 1/2 wide and 8 inches deep.  so I made a pieced strip 37 inches long and a 17 inches wide since I thought it would be good to have it a little wider than the machine.  

She sent me some half square triangles to start me off and asked for aqua with green binding.  I've been procrastinating getting started and finally finished it off this weekend.  It came out pretty cute!  Each side is a little different.
I seem to be lacking motivation lately, I guess many of are in the same frame of mind lately.  To combat that I though I would list a few things I want to accomplish this week and see if that helps!

  1.  Quilt my UFO for the month (Queen's Garden)
  2.  Finish my Island Batik challenge for July.
  3.  Quilt my 6 inch June Mini Madness top.
Now, if I'm going to get these things done, I suppose I'd be better off hanging out in my sewing room that here on the computer!

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Kathleen said...

I totally get and sometimes I am finding assignments to keep my DH busy keep me busy (what is up with that???). Love the cover and wish you good luck on your week!