Monday, May 25, 2020

Memorial Day 2020

Due to popular demand I will be adding instructions for making the June Mini in 6 inch blocks as well.  I've added fabric requirements to the file in the sidebar to the right for you if you are worried about the smaller blocks.  But really, they aren't that bad! 

I finished quilting another UFO over the weekend after working on my mini blocks.  I was so excited to bind it this afternoon and take some pictures to share!  I can definitely feel my quilting energy reviving - I actually feel excited again to get some time in my sewing room to create!
I made this top in a class with Lawry Thorn a year ago, no I think it was actually two years ago, time flies!  This started out with some French General scraps and went from there.  Lots of pink and blue with a pretty cream.  I quilted it with hearts and loops in the lightest color from the Verona colorbuilder box from Aurifil - it was the perfect color for this quilt.  I pulled a half yard of pink

This morning I got to work on a t-shirt quilt, the cutting and fusing is what I procrastinate over the most.  I'm glad I was able to re-stock my interfacing so I could get this custom order finished for a grad.  Tomorrow I'll trim up the blocks and decide on how to arrange them, so I should be able to get this one done by the end of the week, I love the feeling that I'm making progress on my projects!

Ok, back to work on the mini blocks...only 7 more days!
Oh, and this is happening!  New drywall on the ceiling - it was textured on Friday, so I'm hoping that painting will happen soon...I am so excited!


Quilting Gail said...

Another UFO finish!!! Congratulations! And, it's such a pretty quilt!

Denise said...

I really like those soft colors in your UFO. This weekend I found 2 recent quilts in my closest that need quilted. Not in any rush to finish them just to be put back in the closet :).

Ellirain said...

I’m looking forward to doing the mini quilt!