Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Keeping Mind and Hands Busy

Seems like our world here on the Oregon Coast has changed drastically over the last 5 days.  I won't sugar coat it, it's definitely unsettling.  We were about to leave on a planned trip to visit our oldest Grandson for his birthday when everything began to change.  We almost decided not to go, but in the end we went because we thought if we didn't we might not have the opportunity for a time.  We drove by car, spent the entire weekend in the house and drove home yesterday. 
It snowed while we were there!  It was so fun to watch the big fat flakes drift down. We relaxed and played board games and did Wii Sports.  We talked and ate good food.  It was a wonderful relaxing time and I am very glad we went while the risk was still low.  Now we are hunkering down in our home, wondering....

There are plenty of people still out and about, living life like normal right now.  I hope it can continue this way, but am prepared for more restrictions. We are pretty much homebodies, so I don't think how we live is going to be changed much as far as that goes.  We live in a small town, so maybe we won't be affected too much.  I celebrate my 60th birthday later this summer, but am thinking of myself as an at risk person and being extra cautious anyway.  Maybe I've read too many post-apocalyptic novels, but I figure it can't hurt!

I'm sure this is going to have big effects, not only on our community health, but also on our economy.  The thing is, that it's easy to start obsessing on all of this.  But when you do that, it steals any joy that you might find in this day, right now.  So I am choosing not to worry.  I am choosing to trust.  (I'm really trusting, that next month when we go to the store there will be toilet paper!)  We will do our part, and be as prepared as we can reasonably be, we will watch out for our neighbors and make sure their needs are met.  We will also enjoy our lives, take walks, and encourage those around us.  We laugh at the toilet paper jokes.  I'm also washing my hands, staying away from groups of people and making sure I get enough rest, healthy food and water.  I'm praying that we can all get through this and be the better for it, and appreciate our regular "normal" again.
I will probably not be working as the quilt shop much over the next few weeks, so that means more fun sewing time!  Today I am working on my One Monthly Goal - so I've pulled out fabric to choose a border.  Hopefully I can get this sewn on and baste it today so I can get busy quilting it! 

If you like this pattern, check out Allison's Daisy Chain Mystery  at her blog - I think she still has all the instructions available.  It's a fun and easy pattern, this is the baby size, and you can go larger.  I think it would make a great stashbuster project, and we'll be all about using up stash for a while, I think.  And on a related note, if your local quilt shop is still open, give them a call.  They would likely be more than happy to mail your purchases, or even do a pick up from the door.  Make an effort to continue to support them because the smaller shops will definitely be hit hard, especially the ones without an online shop. 

I know that lots of us feel uncertain, but I would just like to encourage you - you aren't alone.  Even though we can't gather together as we are used to doing, there are so many ways to connect now that are available to us.  Reach out and encourage other people.  Continue to choose to find joy in your days.  We will be ok! 

Love to you all!  Stay well, stay safe, and keep yourself busy! 


Emily said...

My LQS announced today that they will be curbside only--but call in and they will get you everything you need! I have enough fabric to last a loooooong time! Hoping you continue to stay safe & healthy!

Turid said...

Crazy days, but we're lucky to have such a great hobby. And most of it is happening on net already. But I'll miss my grandson. He was supposed to come here in two weeks. Now I don't know if that can happen. Stay safe and be strong!

Kathleen said...

Yes, it is a very odd time. Enjoy your extra sewing time - I too am trying not to worry.