Monday, March 30, 2020

Daisy Chain Mystery - Finished!

I am happy to report that my One Monthly Goal and PHD 2020 project for March is actually finished, with a day to spare.  It's been patiently waiting for it's turn to be quilted, and today was the day!

I was having a hard time deciding what color of thread to use for the quilting.  I ended up diving into my treasure chest of half used spools of thread and found a nice variegated King Tut thread that was just right.  Since this was a small quilt, I figured that a half spool would be about right and it was.

I quilted hearts and loops on it and I think it's just perfect!  It's always fun to see how the quilting just makes a quilt come to life.  I used Peacock from Island Batik's Basics line, it's the fabric in the large triangles of the star blocks as well.

March was definitely not as productive a month as February was, but then again, March has definitely not been a regular month as we all know.  I did a lot of sewing and have 3 super secret projects started, but I can't show you!  I quilted a quilt for a customer as well, but didn't count that in my total either.  I finished the final challenge for Project Quilting Season 11
And yesterday I finished the Island Batik Ambassador challenge for the month.
And that is that for the month at least as far as quilting!  I did sew a bunch of pillows, a cover for a Beanbag chair and a set of curtain panels.  I also made some fabric masks for a friend.  I guess I can't complain, I did accomplish quite a bit, and three quilts finished in a month isn't really that bad.

Next month should be interesting, with staying at home in order for the time being we should all be doing well on our UFO's WIP's and other projects!  At least it's good for taking your mind off the news...

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Patty said...

Beautiful. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

Quilting Gail said...

Hi Pamela,
I love the quilting on your Daisy Chain quilt! You're right - it is perfect for it! And your quilt is SEW pretty!
Congratulations on your accomplishments! And thank you for linking up to PHD in 2020!

Susie H said...

Way to go! Three finishes is amazing. You're so right -- quilting is a great distraction from the news! ;^)

Pamela Arbour said...

Congratulations! All are beautiful.