Sunday, February 23, 2020

Project Quilting - Birds in the Air

The first thing I thought of when the challenge for this week was announced was that I should make a new sample for my Alouette pattern!
In the end, I decided that it kind of felt like cheating because I've already designed and made this project and I really wanted to do something different and new.  And I already had a busy week and probably would go crazy if I tried to make it!

So I went with a smaller project - much smaller.  In fact, it's a pot holder - using a simpler variation of the Birds in the Air block.

For some reason I decided that I wanted to use purple - so I pulled out my purple scraps and found this lovely Island Batik.  I had what was left of a 10 inch square after you cut a 5 inch square out of it.  It was barely enough, in fact I had to piece together bits to make the last two small triangles, but I made it!  The pieced block ended up being 8 1/2 inches square, and I found a light purple 10 inch square for the back.
I used a square of insulbrite, and a square of cotton batting.  Put the backing and top right sides together and stitch all the way around leaving an opening for turning.  I stitch the batting to the backing where the opening is to make it easy to close after it's all right sides out.  Trim the seams and corners, birth it through the opening, press and topstitch to finish.  I add a little quilting so it stays in shape when washed.

It's a nice 8 inch finished piece, and will replace an ugly stained one in my kitchen.  Made on a lovely sunny day in my Coos Bay home.

Unfortunately, I was too late to link up this week, so sad - I had a glitch and had to rewrite the whole post and didn't quite finish in time.  It happens!  But at least I did get it done.


Turid said...

Congratulations on finishing a new potholder. A nice one, if you ask me.

Laura said...

Good for you for persisting with the computer stuff. Nice potholder.