Friday, December 06, 2019

Day 6 - 31 day Blog writing Challenge

Todays prompt is Oldest UFO.  I am pretty sure that my oldest UFO is my Crazy Jane quilt.  I haven't worked on this in over a year but my friend, Lee and I have decided that 2020 is a year.  We are going to check in with each other every week to encourage each other and start making progress on finishing them.  Mine is blue and white, she's doing the civil war repro fabrics.

I started sewing my rows together to encourage me, and it really helped.  I just got them out again and admired pretty!  I really do love how it looks, so I just need to get those last blocks finished along with the triangles.  I think I started working on this somewhere around 2004 - before I even started this blog! 

Looks like I only have four rows, and then the triangle borders to finish, so I'm not that far from a finish.  Be prepared to see lot's of this quilt next year! 

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Shirley said...

You are SO close Pam....gotta get your mojo back for this beautiful exquisite challenging piece. She wants to be DONE and admired. You CAN do this!