Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Day 16 and 17...playing catch-up!

I suppose that in the midst of a busy December it was inevitable that I would fall behind on the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge!  "Why I sew" was yesterday's prompt, and that's really an interesting question.  I cannot imagine not sewing, it's such a part of my life.  It challenges me, soothes me, and has helped me feel productive and useful.  I love the creativity it brings to my life.  So many great reasons to bring out the needle and thread, right?

Even if it's just to make a small project like this mug rug that I made with some of my scraps of Island Batik Apine Ice.  I just love those pretty blues! 

Today's prompt is favorite "Sewlebrity"  Yikes!  That's a hard one, but I'll stick with the first one to come to mind, and that would be Alex Anderson.  I had a big collection of recordings of her Simply Quilts show - I learned so much from those VHS tapes.  I always enjoyed her way of interviewing the guests and how she never had a know it all attitude.  I think she'll always be a favorite of mine.

Well, there are more Christmas kinds of things to get done, so I shall go head for bed so I'll be ready for tomorrow. 

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Barb said...

I was thinking that very thing this morning...why I sew??? Loved your post.