Monday, August 19, 2019

Monday Motivation - The Big Picture

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, I find that my plate is full these past few weeks with wedding plans and deadlines!  All the deadlines are checked off and we are now counting down the days to the wedding - the dress is altered, bridesmaids dresses are pressed and ready for trying on.  (No, none of them made by me this round, just alterations to do be done!)

I find my mind is full of all these things, and it's really hard to find words to write my normal blog posts - not to mention that there will probably little going on in the quilting arena for the next week.  I do have some finishes that I want to catch up on, so hopefully will be able to share those soon, though.

For today, what is motivating me is not getting bogged down in the little details, but to keep my eyes on the big picture.  For instance, I start cleaning up the kitchen and start fussing over the need to put new paper in the bottom cupboard where I store my glassware, or the fact that the drawer under the oven needs to be rearranged, and I really should put the breadmaker into storage until fall...but what I really need to do is wash the dishes and mop the floor.  Then I can fit the details in as needed!

I notice that I can do the same thing in my quilting.  Before you know it I've sewn a dozen perfect blocks, not noticing that I've turned the triangles in the wrong direction.  But boy, those points sure matched up nicely!  

Make sure you step back once in a while and see that you are tending to the big picture as well!

The Beat the Heat blog hop continues on this week with the following lines and quilters - plus a new giveaway!  

Monday, August 19 - Petal Pushers

Tuesday, August 20 - Quiet Shades

Wednesday, August 21 - Seedlings

Thursday, August 22 - Soil & Seeds

This week you can enter to win these lovely Quiet Shades pre-cuts!

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Have a wonderful week!


theresa said...

the fabric bundle has such a nice soft look to it love the lavender . said...

this is the greatest bundle

Nancy said...

Pretty colors, Shades, and patterns

Kathleen said...

Good luck with all the upcoming fun! We’ll be here when you get back!

Rosemary said...

I love the new purple and gold shades ... I see a sunset in my future and they would be a good start.

Gail said...

Soft, gentle, beautiful and stunning

mumbird3 said...

Tidepools is absolutely stunning!!!

Angela Bowling said...

Beautiful fabric to sew with.