Thursday, May 16, 2019

Sewing all day

Today's my first all sewing day for a while, and I am super excited!  Especially since my sewing studio is nice and clean now - let's see how long I can keep it that way...
My first task of the day is to tack all these little sewing jobs that have accumulated this week!  There are pants to be hemmed, tops that need taken in, and a couple of bags to repair.  Getting those done and scheduled for pick up should take me the rest of the morning.
Then I have a shop sample to work on - Sweet Lavender by Clothworks.  This is one of those half panels that drive us crazy - 45 panels is a lot to sell!  We decided to sell these in pairs and I am working up a project that uses two of the panels.
And since we sold out of the charm packs for Poppy Poetry and can't get any more in, I'm doing another sample to help sell the remaining panels.  We went through several fabrics, and I was thinking about trying to cut a set of coordinating charms when we found the perfect fabric to go with the panel!  I love putting together these quick panel projects.  They are really perfect for a super fast quilt because you don't have to do a lot of piecing.

So, it looks like I've got my work cut out for me today!  I'm looking forward to working in my newly cleaned studio - it makes me smile.  Thanks for the encouragement, it's still jam packed with stuff, but at least I have flat surfaces and the floor looking much better now.  And I am super glad that I could encourage you to work on your own spaces! 

Time to go stitch!

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