Thursday, April 18, 2019

Welcome Home!

We had a wonderful time during our visit to Boston - but it's always so good to get home and sleep in my own bed!  It's hard to believe we were 3,000 miles away one week ago today walking through historic streets and seeing sights we've only imagined.  So here goes with the update - lots of pictures ahead, so be warned :)

Our first day was sightseeing day in Boston. The weather was sunny, but cold - my husband saw some snow on the ground when he got up in the middle of the night!  We started out on a freedom trail tour, which was awesome - so many lovely buildings and statues. 
You have to look down, look up, and all around you! 
Putting pennies on the Franklin tomb!

After riding the subway to have pizza at Italian Express - it was so good, the littlest one ate three slices!

After that we took a Duck Tour!  The best part was when we were on the water:
Absolutely beautiful! 

After that we went to pick up our youngest at the airport.  We heard that GPS doesn't work well in Boston, but we had no issues, other than there are so many crazy intersections where it's hard to tell where to turn because there are so many streets!  By the time we got back to our rental, we were ready to sleep!

Friday was our solo day as the girls had nail appts and bachelorette party to go to.  We decided to tour Lexington and Concord, take a trip to Worcester, where our daughter went to college, then take in the game at Fenway park.  It was lots of driving, but so fun!
 We hadn't thought about our visit coinciding with Patriot Day celebrations.
 Not much going on while we were there, but preparations were under way!
 I'd love to visit again and see the reenactments of the famous battles!
History everywhere we went!

My daughter's dorm!  She is still close friends with many of the people she met here when she first came in 1999.  We ate at a Chinese place around the corner - very yummy!
Then we successfully parked at Alewife station and rode in on the T to Fenway park - they pack you into those subway cars like sardines, but everyone was in a great mood both ways, since the Red Sox won!  It was so much fun just people watching, and enjoying a ball game.  It was a bit chilly, but not too horribly cold.  I was glad for the fleece blanket our daughter loaned us, though!

Saturday was wedding rehearsal and quiet day.  I went to Joann's to get tulle and a comb, and needle and thread to make a veil. (Plus a Boston Creme donut from Dunkin Donuts!)

 After the rehearsal dinner (which was super yummy and so fun to meet the groom's parents at last) my daughter tried her dress on.  It was perfect except for needing the hem to come up in the front so she wouldn't step on it.  I spent the evening sewing the hem by hand and pressing the dress and veil for her - we were all excited for the next day to come!

In the morning we got our hair done - it was perfect that the salon was only two doors down from our AirB&B! We just walked over.  I loved the way she did my hair, it looked so elegant!  The brides hair was done in a low bun with lots of curls pinned it.  It was so very beautiful - I didn't get many photos that day because I didn't want to carry my phone around with me and my dress didn't have a pocket. 

Here's a picture of all my daughters and grand-daughters before the ceremony.  Aren't they so beautiful?
And the bride with her dad before their dance!  The dress was a huge hit - I don't know how many people complimented me on it, and she was totally the star of the show.  We were so happy to meet so many wonderful friends and people who adore her.  We all think she's pretty special, too! (And her husband is just the best, too)   It was a day I will always treasure and remember with love.

Monday was a little sad as we prepared to leave.  We got everything packed and left for the airport in plenty of time as it was Marathon Monday and we didn't know what to expect traffic wise.  We had absolutely no problems at all, thank goodness, dropped our youngest off in time for her flight and headed out to explore a little of East Boston.
And look what we found!  A quilty squirrel!  There are more of these sculptures about the area - you can read about them here...  If we had more time I would have loved to look for more of them.  We were on our way to Piers Park, and that was a great spot to kill some time!
What a view!  The sun was in and out, and it was chilly, but not cold enough to be uncomfortable.  It was nice to enjoy fresh air before our flight home...
Here's the sunny view!  This is a great park, I'm glad we got to visit it!

Then it was off the airport for the long ride home.  In the gate we saw the news that Notre Dame was burning, that was surreal.  I'm glad I got to visit it in 2010, and was glad to hear that it can be repaired.  It really is a treasure, and would be sad to lose such a historical place in Paris.

And now we are home and I was so happy to get back into my sewing room yesterday!  I'm working on my Island Batik challenge for April - it's basted and ready for quilting now, I just have to decide how to quilt it (as usual!)

The colors are totally Spring!  I spent yesterday washing laundry and organizing projects for the next month - lots of fun sewing in my future, and I hope to work on some of UFO's as well. 

Tomorrow is work day at the quilt shop and we are getting a new roof!  (I'm kind of glad I will be away most of the next two days, I'm sure it's going to be NOISY!!!)

Time to go do some sewing - don't you think a sewing fitbit would be fun?  How many stitches a day can we sew?  I've got lots to make up for, so off to the sewing machine!

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Emily said...

Lovely!!!!! I'm so impressed with the dress! I'm so glad it was a wonderful trip. Looks like you had some fun sightseeing. That quilty squirrel is fabulous!!