Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Daisy Chain Mystery and Color Challenge for March

Yesterday I set aside some "fun" sewing time and got my unit A pieces done for the Daisy Chain Mystery.  Love these little pink birdies!  I am enjoying the relaxed pace of this Quilt Along, plus I am making the crib size, so I know that I won't get too overwhelmed.  You can definitely still join in now, the sewing for these pieces can be done in an afternoon, even for the larger sizes.

I also got my block done for Jen's 2019 Monthly Color Challenge.  Finding two fabrics that I would call Navy Blue was a bit of a challenge because I am using up some of my Island Batik stash!  I love this block, it's very simple, yet has a very neat look. 
I moved my Color Challenge blocks up to the top of my design wall so I can get busy on the Sleepy Sloth quilt.  One block down, three to go!

Very satisfying sewing time - it's always great to feel like things are under control!  I'm almost done with the little chair that I am recovering.  The red velvet is lovely!

Hope your projects are staying under control, too!


Alison V. said...

Love that pink and white combo for your four patches! :D

Kate said...

Very pretty 4-patches. Love your sloth block, too cute.