Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Work day - fun with a panel...

Today was my second day of work at Threads That Bind this week.  I continued working with the fabrics that have come in this week, including the Mystic Ocean panel by Three Wishes
It is pretty spectacular!  I got these panels all cut and priced, then helped a customer choose some fabrics for borders to make a good sized lap quilt.  Here is what we came up with

She really wanted to add a dark purple, but it was pretty overpowering.  I suggested a binding in the purple, so we'll see once she gets the borders on.  There were a lot of options for borders, which was fun - we auditioned tons of fabrics.

When I got home I worked on fixing an antique luggage rack that needed new straps.
The green Greek key was the old strapping that was starting to get rotten.  I think the owner will like the look of the red and it will look great with her decor.  It was a trick getting the old straps off - they were put on with narrow staples that were doubled - the first ones were horizontal and the second ones were vertical, so I had the dickens of a time prying those out!  There were a total of 40 staples in all that I removed.  Whew!

I also got the package for the winner of my last giveaway ready to mail!  Congrats to Susan G. - you have a wonderful package of goodies headed your way!
I also got caught up on the phone calls and texts I missed while my phone was dead over the weekend as well.  It feels good to not be behind for a change!  I even got out the fabrics from that Surprise package from Island batik and made some much fun!  I am going to love making the project I have in mind - and I have the perfect spot for it in my guest room.  It's going to be so hard not to share it for so long!  Oh well - there will be plenty of fun projects to share in the meantime.

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Maybe it's time to go check my bookshelf again, I'm loving seeing the wonderful projects everyone is making!

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