Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Cornerstones done and pieced border added!

I was really happy and relieved to get the cornerstones done today for the Brothers and Sisters quilt.  Of course, there was a bit of unsewing to do as I found one more upside down unit, but the corner units were sewn on without too much drama!
I was a little nervous about whether I had done my math correctly - it seems like I've had plenty of issues with these borders and I wouldn't have been surprised if they had been the wrong size!  I did a bit of a happy dance when they pinned on perfectly!  No more issues as I sewed them on and now I'm ready to add the final solid border.
After that, I'll be piecing the backing, then on to the quilting - it won't be too long before this is done at last.  One more project off my list!

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