Friday, December 21, 2018

Late Night Pajama Party!

I'm getting too old to stay up until the wee hours sewing - I'm ready to go to bed already tonight and it's only 7:30!  I did get all of my PJs finished, so tonight's party will be a wrapping party - and it's not going to last so late for sure.

  If you are one of my daughters, you may not want to read too much further, because there will be a picture of my work last night (wink, wink)

7 pair of PJ pants and two nightgowns.  Not bad for a nights work!

Today I spent working on the wedding gown for my oldest.  I finally got the separating zipper I need, so I can get that in, add the skirt and be ready for the fitting.   I'll have lots of detail work to do after we get that done, but it will be fun!  Can't wait - did I mention we have two daughters getting married in 2018?  We are sure excited about it!

Tomorrow we are headed north for our family Christmas.  I'm ready for a couple days off and playing with the grandkids!

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