Tuesday, December 18, 2018

It was a dark and stormy night....

Yes, it surely was.  The wind was whipping like crazy and it was hard to sleep.  We lost a few shingles off the roof and my patio swing tipped over - so it was quite a storm.  We are expecting a couple more rounds, hopefully not as windy as this one was!

My half day at the quilt shop was not too stressful - had to reprogram the new phone system, it was over screening our calls so now we are letting all calls through.  I did some computer work, and sent out an e-mail. We've got our class schedule set through February, so I guess I got quite a bit accomplished for the day. 

I came home and basted a couple quilts and made some progress on the wedding dress.  Tomorrow we are going to finish prepping the dining room for the new flooring, and Thursday we'll be installing!  Woohoo - I'm excited!  I guess we need to check in on the dishwasher and see if that's arrived yet.  I also need to pick up some flannel at Joann's for PJ's.  Can't believe Christmas will be here in less than a week!  I am really not ready, but am I ever?  It'll be fun now matter what.  I'm just trying to enjoy each day, even if things are feeling a little hectic.  I am also going to make sure not to get myself in such a state of affairs again!  I am going to be very strict about how many projects I take in and not get over-committed in the future. 

I also want to take a little time and do some goal setting for this coming year.  You might want to join in on the 2019 Planning Party, too - Quilting Jet Girl has some fabulous prizes lined up!  While you are at it, go check out how everyone else is doing on the 31 Day Blogging Challenge.  Have a good day!

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Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Thunderstorms were good sleeping weather for me, pre-dog, but obviously not so good when there is damage. Christmas is coming up fast, and it looks like wedding dress making and home remodeling is making you especially busy.