Friday, December 28, 2018

2019 UFO Challenge

Don't you just love the start of a New Year?  I sure do, I love thinking of the possibilities, setting goals, making plans!

One of my goals from last year was not to create any NEW UFO's  I did pretty well at that, but I also didn't make a lot of progress on my previous UFO's, and I have plenty of projects that I would like to get moved along and finish.  So to that end, I am joining up with Patchwork Times for the 2019 UFO Challenge.

  1. Dear Jane
  2. Giant Dahlia
  3. Pattiserie
  4. Quilt for DH
  5. Blue and White Mini Memories
  6. Celtic Solstice
  7. Good Fortune
  8. Apple Table Runner
  9. Genie's Quilt
  10. Queen's Garden
  11. Big Surf
  12. Metro Rings

I plan to break out the Dear Jane quilt and start working on it again right away, and keep continue making blocks because it is likely more than can be done in one month's time, but hopefully by the time it's number is drawn I can be ready to put it together and start quilting.  We will see if I can get most of these projects finished this year!

Speaking of finishes, my DH and I managed to finish another home improvement project today!  We installed my new dishwasher.  It was a good 4 hours worth of work - we ended up having to go under the house to move the electric supply (and my dryer vent had come loose so we fixed that while we were at it).  So yucky under there, but no bad surprises - some loose insulation, and lots of dust and dirt, but no leaks or infestations of any kind.  The stainless steel is a big improvement over the old black one, it served us well for 24 years, so I can't complain, but it was time.  So glad to have this job done...what a year of projects it has been!

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Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

I hope the dishwasher serves you well for many many years. You only have a month before you have the blocks done for Dear Jane! Kudos! That's great. I look forward to seeing your top all put together.