Monday, September 10, 2018

Monday Motivation - Integrity

I was reading today that who we are in our everyday lives will be who we are when pressure is put to bear on us.  Our character is not going to change when our circumstances change and if we want to build a certain characteristic in our lives it has to be a daily choice, not just something we think about and wish for.

It was difficult to find a quote to express this thought, and when I saw this one, I thought it was just perfect! 

I hope that through this blog I express myself as I really am.  I hope that you see me not as a person who feels like she knows it all, but as a person who loves what she does and wants to share what she has learned with others. 

I don't want to be braggy.  I want to share my successes and joys because I want all of you to know that YOU can do this!  It makes me feel great to encourage you to work and practice and succeed.  I love it when you can get those points to match up when you want them to.  Or when you get brave and try a different color scheme.  And most of all when you just connect with my random thoughts and are encouraged by my words, and take time to encourage me as well!  Blessings to you all!

Congrats to Melody, Lisa, and Linda for winning one of the sets of 5 inch squares I gave away for the Great Outdoors Blog Hop!  You will love these beautiful Island Batik fabrics!

 This week I am working away finishing up that quilt for the guild show.  I think I have the blocks mostly finished and spent my evening last night burying threads!  I also have most of the sashing and border quilted and hope to get those finished up today.  Then I just need to bind it and add a hanging sleeve.  I have a couple of smaller quilts that need sleeves as well, so I think I am in good shape to get these projects delivered on Friday morning. 

Then the fun and work of setting up the show, as well as a booth for Threads That Bind will begin!  For the shop, we decided to focus on brand new items and samples, so we are all busy as beavers getting those done as well.  I have a couple of samples that are in progress for that.  So another busy week, as usual!  I had better get to it!

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Barb said...

I often wonder if people find me to be that way (braggy), I hope not but like you I just like showing what I have done. Love your quilt.