Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Final Block for the Christmas All Year Block of the Month

Can you believe that three months from today is Christmas?  I sure can't, but I'm excited to have 9 blocks finished for a Christmas quilt that I will actually be able to finish before Christmas!  Yahoo!

Today's block - ready or not:  Corn and Beans

This block features lots of half square triangles, and the piecing order is a little unusual due to those large half square triangles in the center and corners.  The easiest way to make this block is to make it in quarters, two with red triangles and two with background triangles, then sew them together to finish the block.

First of all you'll need to download the pattern so you'll have measurements for all the cutting:

The complete pattern is now available in my Etsy shop:
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Next, get all your triangles cut out.  They filled up my design board!
I found it easier to make one quarter at a time so the triangles wouldn't get mixed up.  First sew three dark green and background triangles together.  Make sure to trim up those dog ears that hang off the sides as you go!  As far as pressing the seams, you may want to press them open.  I decided to press them toward the darker side on the first ones, then toward the added triangles as I went.

Sew a light green triangle to two of the dark green triangles.  Then sew a red triangle to the background triangles so that one unit has both and each of the others has just one.
Sew the three triangle sections together to make a long diamond shaped piece with green on one side and red on the other.  

Then sew the light green and red large triangles to each side to complete one quarter of your block.

Make one more quarter like this, and one quarter using your large background triangles instead of red.  Each quarter should measure 6 1/2 inches.  Make sure you trim off those dog ears for a nice clean block.
Sew the four quarters together to get your finished block.  Take care to match up the points and it will look great!

Now, for a caution!  Don't get mixed up like I did - I added the light green and red triangles to the wrong side of three of my quarters.  I spent a good amount of time ripping out all of my work to make it right!  Make sure you pay attention as you go!

Hope you enjoy making this last block.  Next month I'll show you how to set the blocks in sashing and add a border to make a nice quilt top - and then we can work on getting them quilted!

Thanks for sewing along with me!


Joyce Carter said...

Thank you Pamela. Your block is very pretty and all your points line up nicely. Looks terrific! (Points is what I struggle with)

Mauigirl8308 said...

Looks Great. ..Thank You For Sharing.. .😊👏

Sandra Lanter said...

Thanks for this QAL...it is fun and it is testing me.