Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Choosing Thread Color for the Quilting

Making a quilt is just one decision after another!  Fabric, pattern, size, it's just one thing after another - I think that's why we end up with so many UFOs, WIPs and PIGs.  (That means UnFinished Objects, Works In Progress, and Projects in Grocery bags). 

This particular project started with the fabric.  The fabric for this project was provided by the shop I work for, Threads That Bind.  It is Botany by Kelly Ventura for Windham fabrics.
Super pretty, not quite your traditional floral, and that dotty stripe sure caught my eye!  One of the projects that I always think of when I have three fabrics to highlight is a quick and easy Disappearing Nine Patch.  I found a nice mustard yellow to spice it up a bit, and a top was quickly finished - so far so good, all easy decisions!
Next step, diving into my Aurifil thread stash to see if I have anything on hand that will work with this quilt.  Wow - I found 5 different candidates!  I had a gold and gray thread in 50 wt and blue and gold in 40 wt.  (Thread chart was provided by Aurifil thread in my latest Island Batik Ambassador box - quite handy for matching!)

Decisions, decisions...the best way to decide is to pull out some thread and pile it up on the quilt to see how it will look across the different colors. 
They all look so pretty! 
I decided that any choice would be a good choice, so I ended up going with the blue that was the lighter shade - though quite a few people on my facebook page liked the gold the best!  I think I'll take some scraps and do a little mug rug with the gold thread, just to see what it would have looked like!  I am quite happy with my choice and managed to get halfway done last night - today I will finish this quilt up and have it ready to bring to the shop tomorrow.  I've been slacking in making up shop samples so am trying to remedy that situation.
Hope you are making progress on some of your projects!  Go make a decision and do some sewing!

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Alison V. said...

Love this post and love that thread color chart! I love the blue quilting and the fabric is a lot of fun!