Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Sewing for Me!

Yesterday I tackled a wedding dress that I thought I had promised to have done last month.  Silly me, the tag actually said mid May, so I am a little ahead even!  I felt so happy to have that out of my hair that I decided to work on a couple of projects for me.

Always make sure you check the cutting layout when you are getting ready to sew a garment from a commercial pattern!  This one was a little unusual as it as for the size I was cutting it required me to fold a third of my fabric over instead of folding it in half.  Also note that when you look at the layout, it tells you which pattern pieces you need for that particular version.  I always make sure to cut them out roughly, then put the pieces I don't need back in the envelope so I don't make any mistakes and cut out a piece that I don't need to. 
I measured the pattern pieces to determine how much I did need to fold over (a bit over 14 inches) and used my rotary ruler to make sure that my fold was straight - this is Island Batik rayon which was provided in one of my Ambassador boxes.  Rayon is wonderful to wear, and not too bad to sew with if you are a little cautious.  It's not so much that it's slippery, like satin or silk, but it is wriggly!  My tactic is to try to make sure it lies as flat and even as possible, then not move it too much.  And use lots of pins when sewing!

This piece is a lovely lavender paisley with blue and pink.  It will be a tunic with 3/4 sleeves.

Then I tackled this piece!  Wow, purple and hot pink!  This will be flirty top with a V-neck.  I almost cried for a few minutes when I thought I was short on enough fabric to make my top, then realized I had forgotten to cut the pattern pieces down to the correct length!  I had enough to add a couple inches, I am kind of hoping it will be long enough to wear with leggings - we'll see.  This is also Island Batik rayon, and I received this in February's Ambassador box. 

With both projects cut out, I decided to call it a night - tomorrow I'm hoping to do some sewing after I finish up the second wedding gown that's waiting for me to take in.  It's good incentive to get it done so I can play.  Thus, I will end this for now so I can get to it!

Happy Wednesday!

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Nancy said...

Nice fabric for tops. Great tips.