Sunday, May 06, 2018

Cover for Quilter's Planner, finally finished!

Yay - I finally finished the embroidery on this lovely piece to grace the front of my Quilter's Planner!  I made a big mess in my sewing room finding some fabrics that I loved with it, and put together the cover in quick order :)  I love Jenny's embroidery designs, she has so many lovely ones, plus even a monthly club you can subscribe to!  You can find her blog here:

Sadly, I must have been using the planner pattern for a previous year, because when I put it on my planner I found it was quite snug.  Yep, I looked up the current year's size, and it needs to have 1 1/4 inches added to the width of it.  I will remedy that this afternoon so that the cover will fit properly.

In the meantime - here is what it looks like

And the inside:

May is starting to fill up!  Notice what is happening on May 18 and 19? I'll be at Spring Quilt Market in Portland, OR!  I am super excited, it will be my first one - I am going with the staff at Threads That Bind and am so looking forward to a great time of seeing new fabric, patterns and notions!  Plus meeting a lot of people in real life that I only know online - sew excited!!!!

In the meantime, I am still working on hand quilting the grandmother's flower garden quilt, After a month of stitching about 2 hours a day on it, I estimate I have another two months before it's finished.  But that means in two weeks I'll be half done, right?

Have a wonderful Sunday!  Sit down and do some hand-stitching, it's good for the soul!

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Warm Quilts said...

The planner cover is beautiful! I hope that adjusting the size is an easy fix. And, you are right - you're nearly halfway through the quilting of your Grandmother's quilt. Looking forward to seeing the progress on that.