Saturday, April 07, 2018

March Projects Recap

Wow, it really seemed like March went by quickly.  Did it seem like that for you as well?  It was fun to look back on my blog posts for the month and see that I got quite a few projects finished!

 I started off small with my mini for the Small, Smaller, Smallest blog hop.
Fabric provided by Island Batik
Then I went a little bigger and finished up another Island Batik challenge, which was from the fall - Lover's Kiss using Pumpkin Patch fabrics:
Fabric provided by Island Batik

Then I made a small quilt for a Project Quilting Challenge - A Stitch in Time:

I finally got my String Quilt that I made back in January quilted.  I'm challenging myself to create no UFOs in 2018!  Finish what I start is the name of the game!

I used up some of my selvages:

And finished up a Snowman Quilt:

I made a journal for the final Project Quilting Challenge:

And block number three for Christmas All Year:

Last, but not least I finished up my Island Batik Ambassador challenge - a conversion quilt:

Fabric provided by Island Batik
So, I guess it's not a wonder that I am a little tired out!  That's a lot of quilting for one month.  I haven't had time to do much quilting so far this week, but I did take a fun class with Lawry Thorn yesterday.  I'll be showing more of this when I get further along, but here are the blocks:

So much fun working with these colors!

Have a happy weekend - hope you get to do some quilting!

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