Sunday, February 18, 2018

A good day to stay in and sew!

Brr.  It's cold and nasty out today, wind and sleet - perfect day for staying and and sewing away! I'm staying warm under a couple layers of quilts today, sewing on some overdue labels again - I can't believe I have 10 more that need them sewn on already.
I print the labels on white fabric, then add a colorful border so they look a little nicer.  Then I pin them on and stitch them while sitting and watching TV with my husband.  Nice to have some hand stitching on a stormy day like today!

Yesterday I managed to finish two more blocks for my Crazy Jane -

I had to applique the center on this one twice.  The first time I accidentally sewed it on with the crosses going the wrong way.  Grrr!

This one was a little easier, and just a touch of applique for the center diamond.  Seems like most of these blocks have applique - I think I skipped those and worked on the pieced ones first, so now I have most of those to do now that I'm near the end...shame on me!

Now I'm off to the sewing room to tackle a couple more blocks.  I hope you are having a pleasant day of stitching, too!

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Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Oh what a great block, so precise! Glad to see that you label your quilts!

AnnieO said...

Beautiful work and colors. Probably a good thing you forgot that all the applique blocks were left :)

Anonymous said...

YES! Nice to see someone else working on Dear Jane. Keeps me motivated...