Monday, December 25, 2017

Chirstmas Star Block - Quilter's Recipe Box, Alternate Block for Triangle in a Square Unit

Merry Christmas!  I can't believe I made it - this is the final block for the Quilter's Recipe Box Block of the Month. I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas, we just finished a big family get together, so am relaxing in the recliner finishing up this post!  This block is pretty easy and quick to make, but very pretty.   I am calling this final block Christmas Star -

You only need two colors for this block, I use a dark blue and bright yellow (fabrics provided by Island Batik)

For the Triangle in a Square units you will need four 3 1/2 triangles from yellow and eight half rectangles in blue (half righties and half lefties)  The corner blocks are butterfly units, so cut eight 2 inch blue squares and four 2 3/8 inch squares (cut in half for half square triangles)  From the yellow, cut four 2 3/8 inch squares (cut in half for half square triangles).  Finally, cut one 3 1/2 inch square of yellow for the center.

Sew four Triangle in a square units, these will face with the bottom of the yellow triangle facing the center of the block.

Using the yellow and blue 2 3/8 inch triangle units, sew 8 half square triangle units, then sew these with the 2 inch squares to make four butterfly units.  Arrange as above, then sew your units together.  You will have to do a bit of careful sewing to keep all those points looking good, but it's worth it when your block is done!

This will be the last week to download the free Recipe Cards with unit and block instructions.  My pattern is now available on Etsy as a complete set for $10.00.  Thanks for following along with me!  

Come back tomorrow to find out about my plans for next year!  Always something fun going on here - 2018 will be Christmas All Year for me - doesn't that sound like fun?  I think so!  Have a wonderful day, hugs and love from me, and wishes for happy sewing!

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Joyce Carter said...

Merry Christmas Pamela and thank you so much for all the wonderful patterns.