Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Life is Crazy Right Now!

I can't even tell you how crazy life is here right now!  I am working on a couple of custom lap quilts, as well as hosting Thanksgiving for 3 of my 5 daughters plus ended up having a bizarre electrical problem in our house this weekend.  Needless to say, I'm running late, but am hoping to have my Quilter's Recipe Box post up for the week later this evening.  Sorry for being late, but it really could not be helped this week!
Don't burn your oatmeal on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  When your Range hood shorts out because the light switch somehow came loose and pulls out a wire you will never be able to get an electrician to come out and figure out why your lights will only come on halfway and most of your house electricity is not working as it should!  Yes, that crazy run on sentence perfectly sums up that day.  Thank goodness for the wonderful helper that came and figured out that one of our main breakers had halfway tripped as well as the breaker for the circuit that the range hood is on.  It is such a blessing to have dependable electric service again (and that all those good leftovers didn't have to get spoiled!)

Hope your Thanksgiving was happy and stress-free! I'll be back later with this week's quilt block.

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