Friday, July 14, 2017

Sewing Room Cleanup - Day four!

Even though I worked a half day at the quilt shop yesterday, I kept up on my cleaning project!  Yay me!  My goal was to clean up the top of the two large storage drawers.  Here is the before of the first one:

I sorted through the piles and bins, put away some stray items and decided that I need to finish up my luggage tag/lanyard projects so I can use that basket for something else :)  Here is the after:

The second one was a bigger mess!

Definitely needed to do some cleaning here!  After sorting, putting away and straightening up (added a couple more projects to that growing list)  it looks like this - what a big improvement!

I am resisting the urge to buy more storage containers and plan to finish projects so I can use the current ones for the projects that are piles right now!

I like the idea that Barb posted in the comments.  Finish two UFO's for every new project!  Since I ended up with a new shop sample coming home with me yesterday, that means I better finish two UFO's this weekend!  I did get backing for three projects yesterday, so if I go on a mad quilting spree this weekend I can definitely reach that goal.

Today's cleanup goal is easy, it is the basket by the door - I have to work all day at the quilt shop, so I new it would have to be a simple one.  Off I go - have a great day!

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