Monday, May 08, 2017

Swamp Angel - QRB alternate block for Quarter Square Triangles

I'm getting a little bit of a slow start this morning, but I think that's a great way to start a day (and a week!)  Today we'll make another block with Quarter Square Triangles.  This is a great old block and goes by the name of Swamp Angel.  This was a Nancy Cabot block and you can read the newspaper article here.   There is another article about the author of the Nancy Cabot articles here:  LORETTA LEITNER RISING.  Wouldn't it be great if newspapers had features like now?  I might actually subscribe again!

Anyway - this block combines Half Square triangles and Quarter Square triangles:
To sew this block you will need:

Two 3 1/2 inch squares each from your background and a medium colored fabric.
Two 4 1/4 inch squares each from a dark and a light colored fabric
One 3 1/2 square from the same light fabric.

Start out by sewing the background and medium half square triangles and set aside.  Next, layer each light 4 1/4 inch square one one dark 4 1/4 inch square, right sides together.
Use a ruler to either draw a line on the diagonal, or cut your squares into two half square triangle units.  I prefer to cut mine, as I think I am able to sew more accurately with a cut edge to line up to.

Sew your triangles into 4 sets of half square triangles.  Press your seams toward the dark fabrics and trim off the dog-ears.  These should measure 3 7/8 inches after pressing.
Now, layer these units together in pairs, right sides together with opposite colors touching.  Make sure you have the seams nesting together.  

Line up all the edges, and draw or cut on the diagonal again.  
This will give you four sets of triangles to sew together.  They will not all look the same at this point, but because the colors alternate, they will all be the same once sewn and pressed!
Sew them together, then press seams to one side.  Trim off those dog-ears!
Your finished Quarter Square triangles should measure 3 1/2 inches when done.
Lay out as in the illustration and sew together - this block has lots of points to match up, but if you are sewing and pressing accurately you should have no trouble with them!  I have a couple that are off by a thread or two, but I am happy with the way the block looks, so am choosing to leave them as is.  I can't even tell in the picture, so obviously not a problem.

Here is the finished block - the fabrics are from the Dotalicious line and were provided for me in the Fall/Winter Ambassador Box from Island Batik.  I'll see you again next week for another block!  

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